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About Us

Why TelDesign?

TelDesign empowers small, medium, and large businesses with the knowledge and tools they need to get their voice, data, and wireless communications systems under control and manage them strategically. We're unique in three ways: our structure, our process, and our capabilities.

Our Structure

We're independent. This means that we do not accept any fee, commission, or other valuable consideration from any technology vendor, communications carrier, or other service provider we may tender to or recommend on behalf of a client. This enables us to make the best possible assessment and recommendations for each client.

As part of our engagement, we provide each client with access to its own private project portal - an online resource where we record every communication, project update, document, and relationship pertaining to the client's project.

Our Process

TelDesign has developed a unique and systematic process to assess the optimization and cost-effectiveness of a business's voice and data communications systems. Our proprietary software enables us to measure these systems' value in strategic business terms. Managers, executives and board members can understand and make decisions based upon the information and business metrics that we provide. It is our experience that more than 80% of all businesses can achieve significant cost savings and greater efficiencies by optimizing existing voice and data systems.

Our process not only maximizes the ROI of existing systems - it also provides our clients with a platform of knowledge that facilitates strategic decision making when faced with the challenges of cost reductions or technology upgrades. In cases where a system upgrade is deemed necessary (such as in the case when an enterprise has decided to move to a VoIP based platform, or when the Client is informed that the current technology infrastructure is too outdated to be covered under standard maintenance contracts), it is a critical step to cost/performance optimize the existing system before upgrading to the new system or technology platform. Not only will a cost optimization provide a "true" baseline against which to establish the ROI of the new system, it also prevents "carrying forward" capabilities that were once useful in the existing system but that no longer provide value for the enterprise in its current mode of operation.

Our Capabilities

At TelDesign, we provide the full spectrum of skills required for a succesful project. We work with the senior executives in boardroom sessions using business metrics to develop and quantify the vision and strategic insight. Our staff hold current technology certifications (such as the coveted CCNA and CCVP certifications) to provide the hands-on detailed system configuration skills to turn these visions into reality. TelDesign takes full responsibility for a client's telecommunications project, from initial assessment through to recommendations and implementation. Our range of expertise encompasses technical details, boardroom metrics, and everything in between. We are able to stay with a client throughout a project and assess final outcomes as effectively as we assess initial opportunities for improvement.

For a full picture of the value we deliver to businesses, please read about some of our clients and projects.