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Clients & Projects

Telecom Optimization & Technology Upgrade

Financial Institution


TelDesign worked with a financial institution that had 16 branches, one head office and one data center, all housed at different locations across the province of Ontario. It was nearing the end of a five-year services/equipment lease and was considering three options: buy out the equipment, extend the current lease/service agreement, or change technologies to Voice over IP. The Client also wanted to verify that it was receiving good equipment/services at a reasonable market rate.


TelDesign provided its Telecom Optimization and Telecom Upgrade services, conducting full inventory, utilization assessment, RFP, vendor negotiation, and implementation services. These included:

  • Systematic optimization through an infrastructure inventory and utilization assessment.
  • Implementation of cost-reduction/performance-enhancing services not covered by the Client's existing lease contract.
  • Development of a strategic direction for the organization's telecommunications approach. Working with senior business management, TelDesign set priorities and determined that current equipment should be replaced with newer equipment from the same provider.
  • Management of the RFP process through which the Client chose a new vendor for the equipment and developed a five-year cost-of-ownership analysis.
  • Removal of existing equipment and installation of new equipment during the institution's busiest period.

Return on Investment

  • The optimization project resulted in annual operating cost reductions of approximately 60%.
  • To the Client's surprise, TelDesign's work revealed that the organization could move to VoIP using the infrastructure they already had - no new capital expense was required.
  • The objective for the Client's five-year TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) was exceeded by more than 50%.
  • The complete cut-over to new equipment was completed with only minutes of interruption in service.
  • To our delight, TelDesign's remarkable outcome with this Client has resulted in several successful referrals.