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Telecom Optimization & Technology Upgrade

Medical Equipment Manufacturer


TelDesign worked with a major manufacturer of medical equipment that was planning a significant relocation of its manufacturing and office facilities. The Client had received a proposal for a new Voice over IP (VoIP) system from its current service provider, in part as a solution to high long distance bills. It was a costly proposal with a 10-year payback; the Client turned to TelDesign for an objective opinion.


TelDesign provided its Telecom Optimization and Telecom Upgrades services, conducting full inventory, utilization assessment, traffic study, and implementation services. These included:

  • Systematic optimization through an infrastructure inventory and utilization assessment.
  • Analysis of the most sensible way to network the old and new locations during the period of the relocation.
  • Analysis of long distance fees and potential cost saving measures.
  • Implementation of cost-reduction/performance-enhancing services not covered by the Client's existing lease contract.

Return on Investment

  • The project revealed that the Client had no need for a VoIP solution - capabilities that were initially seen as key business drivers for upgrading to a VoIP infrastrucure were provided through innovative deployments of existing TDM network capabilities
  • An 85% reduction in long distance rates was achieved by innovative utilization of the existing TDM network infrastructure
  • The solution has saved the Client hundreds of thousands of dollars over the original proposed VoIP solution when using a 5 year TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) calculation model.