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Mobile Services


TelDesign MobileWatch is a turnkey service for organizations that delivers cost savings and eliminates management hassles associated with mobile wireless services and devices.  It ensures that you are paying for the most optimal voice and data service plans, eliminates carrier billing errors, and reduces the costs of non-business use of mobile devices.

This proactive, turnkey service delivers guaranteed savings and can reduce overall mobility costs significantly – in some cases, by as much as 50% per user.

Despite increases in usage and an increase in number of devices, TelDesign customers experienced a decrease in costs associated with wireless services and devices after TelDesign began intervention with the MobileWatch® service.

The MobileWatch™ service includes:

  1. Pre Idntervention (wireless usage analysis): using our proprietary software, we analyze your wireless usage to understand the actual usage your organization incurred in the past 12 months. You'll see how your organization's mobile and data services are actually being used and compare this to industry benchmarks.
  2. Intervention (contract negotiations and monitoring): Based on your actual usage needs, we will determine whether you have the most optimal contract and will negotiate more suitable contract terms on your behalf. We'll also monitor your monthly bills and usage to ensure that you are being correctly billed and that users are not making changes without your consent.
  3. Post Intervention (ongoing management): We can then work directly with your carrier to continually optimize your mobile contracts, provide you with monthly management reports, adjust for roaming as required, manage the ordering process, purchase, distribution and support of your mobile devices, and more.

With MobileWatch™, you can rest assured that your investment in mobile devices and services is optimized for your business. It also eliminates the associated costs of management labour and the hassles of negotiating with service providers.

Contact us to take advantage of this proactive monthly service or about creating a business case for the service at your organization.