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Telecom Optimization

Implementation Services

Based on our findings from the Infrastructure Inventory and Utilization Assessment reports, TelDesign creates a detailed voice and data Optimization Plan. This plan details our recommendations for streamlining the voice and data infrastructure, reducing costs, maximizing usage, and minimizing problems such as over-utilization, waste and violations.

Once the Optimization Plan is finalized and accepted, we develop an Implementation Plan that details all of the actions to be performed in order to execute the Optimization Plan. The Implementation Plan serves as a project roadmap, and TelDesign will:

  • Review the Implementation Plan with the Service Provider and the client to obtain sign off
  • Work on behalf of the client and with the service provider to oversee the implementation
  • When required, go to tender for competitive quotations
  • Capture all aspects of the project as it unfolds and report progress - including all documents, communications, delays and successes - on a TelDesign Client Website

Upon conclusion of the project, we will review with the client all work completed, costs, cost savings and other return-on-investment. The client retains full documentation of the project as well as a report on the business value of the completed work