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Telecom Optimization

Infrastructure Inventory Services

Most clients that engage with TelDesign begin with a consolidated overview of all existing voice and data telecommunications systems, services, leases, and contracts. An Infrastructure Inventory is an important first step to understand what you've really got in place, what it really costs, and how the services and fees are structured.

The final inventory is provided in a single, boardroom-friendly document that consolidates the entire view. The document provides the basis for:

  • Identification of obsolete and/or incompatible services
  • Flagging of billing errors and/or contract/tariff violations
  • A disaster recovery/prevention program
  • Further analysis of areas where consolidation, contract renegotiation, or alternate fee structures may reduce costs

During the Infrastructure Inventory service we navigate the often confusing, complex, and sometimes redundant landscape of leased lines, services, equipment, billing information and contractual obligations from multiple providers. This comprehensive service includes (but is not limited to):

  • Leased services and facilities, including all voice and data access lines, network access facilities, and leased network infrastructures across all service providers
  • Configuration of the leased services and facilities to define how the services are setup and structured, including all trunks and lines
  • Pricing, which defines the monthly costs associated with leased services and facilities
  • Cost allocation overview to illustrate costs per client location
  • Contract review to identify the client's commitments and potential liabilities.

Once complete, the Infrastructure Inventory service provides a foundation for utilization assessment, implementation, or telecom upgrades.