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Telecom Optimization

Utilization Assessment Services

Once a comprehensive Infrastructure Inventory is available, TelDesign can be engaged to analyze the utilization of the facilities. Understanding actual utilization provides the information needed to make strategic decisions that result in greater efficiencies and cost savings.

The Utilization Assessment identifies:

  • Over-utilization of facilities, which can result in common problems (such as busy-tones on the voice network or delays and packet loss on IP networks)
  • Under-utilization of facilities, which results in a too-high price-per-unit of communication (such as voice cost-per-minute used or cost-per-Mb transferred). The 2006 report " I'm Over-trunked by How Much?! " by Impact Technologies, Inc provides good insight in this issue.
  • Opportunities for optimization of customer premises infrastructure such as PBXs, edge devices, and LAN/WAN infrastructure

We perform this service by analyzing utilization data that is collected upon our request by the service provider, or directly by TelDesign using our proprietary PBXWatch software that collects utilization data from devices on an hourly basis .

In addition, we also provide Wireless Usage Analysis services and optimization strategies to minimize the costs of employee use of cellular devices.

Once a clear picture of actual utilization is available, we can provide Implementation Services including optimization and implementation plans as well as actual implementation services.