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Telecom Upgrade

RFP & Vendor Negotiation Services

To assist businesses in tendering bids for voice and data technology upgrades and/or migration, and negotiating contracts with telecommunications service providers, TelDesign offers Request for Proposal (RFP) and Vendor Negotiation services.

We believe that every business should first optimize its existing infrastructure before pursuing changes to its telecom infrastructure - this allows for the business case to be founded upon the optimal situation and optimization can partially fund upgrades. So, our RFP development service is typically performed after our Infrastructure Inventory and Optimization Service is complete. Once there is a clear understanding of all equipment, services, leased facilities and contracts that are already in place, and once they have been optimized, we create a detailed RFP specification for identified needs to upgrade or change technology.

The specification includes a calculation of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for a time duration specified by the client (typically 5 years). We then assess all responses to the RFP using a comprehensive point system tailored to the client's priorities. Up to two viable providers are invited for a meeting with the client and TelDesign. We ensure that full due diligence is carried out prior to selection of a final vendor, and we are able to negotiate contracts on behalf of the client.

Once a winning provider is selected, we can also manage the implementation process on behalf of the client.