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Telecom Upgrade

Technology Migration Services

Many businesses today are looking to packet-switched voice technologies like Voice over IP (VoIP) for enhanced services and reduced telecommunications costs. Senior business managers are aware of the hype that often surrounds these emerging technologies and they want to be assured that the options can actually deliver value to the businesses. TelDesign offers two services that provide unbiased assessments of the opportunities that VoIP may present to a business.

Mini Assessment - 1 day

A mini-assessment begins with the client providing TelDesign with items such as telecom invoices, contracts, and so on. During the Mini Assessment, TelDesign works at the client's site for a full day. In the morning we meet with the client to obtain answers to a comprehensive set of questions regarding the technology migration plans. We then spend about two hours to create a presentation-style report that deals with the issues raised by the client and that provides our specific recommendations for moving forward.

In the second half of the day, we present and discuss our findings and recommendations with the client and compose a set of action points to leave behind. Not only does this mini assessment clarify the client's main concerns and questions regarding the technology migration plans, it also provides choices, greater knowledge of the business value that existing and new systems may contribute, and gives the client the opportunity to witness how TelDesign works.

Full Assessment

TelDesign can provide a Full Assessment for a technology migration project. We first meet with all business stakeholders to create a strategic objectives document. We assess the existing infrastructure and present the client with a technology migration strategy. The agreed upon strategy will then form the basis for RFPs to vendors. In cases where the client has already received detailed proposals from vendors, these proposals will be measured against the agreed upon VoIP strategy and a RFP process can then be avoided.

Our recommendations are captured in documents authored and presented to the business stakeholders by the TelDesign Principal Consultant assigned to the project.

Once a technology migration plan is in place, TelDesign can provide RFP/Vendor Negotiation services, as well as Implementation services.